Beer Holder



  • Made from reclaimed wood
  • Old fashioned bottle opener
  • Stained with wax based colour
  • Polyurethane coating


I was looking to make another Christmas present for a friend, and found some plans online for a beer holder. I managed to find all the wood I needed as scrap in the Cambridge Hackspace, so only needed to go shopping for the handle. The bottle opener I already had, leftover from a previous project.

I started by cutting out all the peices from the scrap using a band saw, and the belt sander to roughly finish. I sanded everything by hand, ready to be stained.

Using a wax based stain I covered all of the peices using an old t-shirt to apply, giving them the night to dry. The next day I assembled everything using glue and nails.

I applied 3 layers of polyurethane over 2 days, sanding very lightly between coats. To finish I just needed to screw on the bottle opener, and the handle on the top.

Despite concern that 6 bottles might not fit in, I tried it out and found they all fit perfectly.